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Gay TV/Movie Couples

IF YOU DON’T RESPECT THE LGBT COMMUNITY GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE 🙂 This are my favorite TV/Movie gay couples, hope you enjoy!

Gay representation in tv 2016

I tried to make a video with almost all the gay couples, hook-ups and kisses from tv series and soaps we’ve seen through 2016. It was just an idea I had a couple …

Gay TV/Soaps/Webisodes

A collection of first episodes. I tried to find the most complete playlists for viewers to follow. Enjoy! Feel free to clue me in on any storylines not included. 🙂

100 Gay Tv Show Kisses

01. 0:00 – 0:05 Ian & Mickey – Shameless 02. 0:05 – 0:09 Agron & Nasir – Spartacus 03. 0:09 – 0:13 Eric & Aaron – The Walking Dead 04. 0:13 – 0:17 Julian...